My first fan mail!

Today, I sent my first fan mail to 1-3-5-7-9-2.

I am feeling so good!! I want to send a fan mails to all of my followers !!!!

Dear Followers,

You guys are the best! And make me feel special! I wish I could hug you all, but I can’t hug my computer screen ‘cause it’s really dirty and I don’t want to ruin my clothes.. Thank you for followwing mnee..I can’t evven type righht..

hi follow back =)?

Helloo there! I always follow back! Unless your blog picture tells me that you’re a perv…but there’s no picture here so HIGH 5 my friend!

When your favorite song comes on..

At first you’re like:

The first chorus:

Till the second chorus:

Then everyone else in the room is like:

And when you realize that they’re watching you…you’re like:

omg just curious where did you even find his nude pics

The pictures leaked on twitter…a few days ago someone stole Justin’s camera and laptop and he said that there were “personal stuff” on them.. but the Beliebers say that the photo is fake because the belly button in the pic is not like Justin’s. And I’m gonna say it again, I HAVEN’T WATCHED THE PICTURE. I posted about it ‘cause it made me laugh.

Hearing Gangnam Style on the radio


First I’m all


Then I’m all


And THEN I’m all

And my mom’s all


Watching Justin Bieber’s nude photos..


I haven’t seen them yet, and don’t have the balls to do that..

Teenagers: I lost my virginity at a party.
Me: I lost a follower when I was sleeping.

When your teacher asks you something

R.I.P. Amanda Todd. May the ones who drove you to take your own life die a slow and painful death followed by an eternal suffering in hell!